Tactile Varnish Label Finishing

At Niagara Label, we understand that your products deserve to stand out. Enhance the visual impact of your labels with our specialized tactile varnish finishing options.

What is Tactile Varnish?

Tactile varnish, also known as high-build varnish, is a process that adds a tangible, raised texture to specific elements of your label, enhancing its appearance with a glossy and premium feel.

Why Choose Tactile Varnish?

Unlike embossing, tactile varnish allows for a high-end glossy finish that can be felt as well as seen. It's an ideal choice for brands aiming to communicate sophistication and quality.

  • Creates a memorable sensory experience for customers
  • Highlights specific elements of your label design
  • Offers a premium appearance without compromising the label's readability

Contact Us for Tactile Varnish Samples

Interested in experiencing this unique finish firsthand? Our dedicated customer care team at Niagara Label is here to help. Request free samples of our tactile varnish labels and discover the difference it can make for your products.

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