Quality Control

At Niagara Label, we take our quality program seriously. With ongoing root cause analysis and our continuous improvement approach, meeting, beating and exceeding customer expectations is our ultimate goal.

Niagara Label is GMI certified in both flexo and digital printing. What does this mean? When it comes to color and quality control, we don’t mess around! Graphic Measures International (GMI) certifies, and rigorously monitors, measures and verifies the performance of printing companies. Working with a GMI certified print facility, brand owners can rest assured their printer will control variables ensuring overall quality, color repeatability and consistency across even the most global brands. With our 100% inspection systems, Niagara Label verifies the quality and accuracy of each and every label that flows throw our facility.

To learn more about our quality control program please feel free to contact our Quality Control Manager Becky Bradt at [email protected]