Why Our Quality Control Stands Unrivaled

We're not just GMI-certified; we set the gold standard in both flexo and digital printing. But what does this signify for your brand?

  • GMI Certification: Graphic Measures International (GMI) doesn't just certify; they monitor, measure, and verify. Being GMI-certified means we hold ourselves to the highest industry benchmarks, ensuring impeccable color repeatability and consistency.
  • Quality at Every Step: With our 100% inspection systems, every label symbolizes perfection. From color vibrancy to print accuracy, we scrutinize each detail.

Global Brands Trust Niagara

Whether you're a local business or a global phenomenon, our standards remain unwavering. Entrusting us means your labels reflect absolute consistency and quality—no matter where they shine.


Connect with Our Quality Control Expert

Discover how Niagara Label can redefine your brand's impression. Contact our Quality Control Manager, Becky Bradt, for an in-depth discussion and to learn more.