Partnerships for a Cause

Our proud collaborations with leading non-profit organizations symbolize our pledge to societal welfare. We are honored to support and sponsor:

Eco-Conscious Labeling

Each step we take at Niagara Label reflects our deep-rooted commitment to the environment. As we continuously innovate in label manufacturing, we're equally passionate about driving eco-friendly initiatives and setting benchmarks for sustainable practices in our industry. Here's how we're making a difference: 

  • Green Material Options: A plethora of eco-friendly label materials.
  • Recycling Programs: From cores to solvents, we believe in giving waste a second life.
  • Energy Efficiency: Harnessing heat and energy-efficient lights for a sustainable production process.
  • Water Conservation: Saving approximately 10,000 gallons annually with our state-of-the-art flexoplate washer.
  • Re-packaging the Future: Pioneering reusable packaging materials, ensuring less waste and more sustainability.
  • Winter Warmth, Naturally: Capturing and recycling press heat during colder months, an eco-friendly approach to staying warm.
  • Lighting Up Sustainably: Harnessing the power of energy-efficient T5 lights across our facilities.
  • No Waste, Just Energy: Proudly announcing that Niagara Label's waste never sees a landfill. Instead, we convert all our waste into usable energy.
  • Nature's Palette: We utilize environmentally friendly, water-based printing inks that are both vibrant and sustainable.
  • Going Digital: Embracing technology to reduce office paper waste drastically and ensuring that our digital production minimizes paper waste during setup.

Join Our Green Movement

We're just getting started. Our mission to harmonize industry-leading label manufacturing with global sustainability is ongoing.

We invite you to join hands with us, champion eco-conscious business practices, and make a lasting positive impact.

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