Bring on the ice buckets...We've got you covered.

You fill your bottles with the very best...dress them accordingly. It's essential that the passion and hard work that goes into your wine is reflected in choosing the proper label to represent what's in the bottle. For those wines that need chilling through direct submersion in ice buckets, it can be difficult to preserve the intergrity of the label. Wrinkling, bubbling, and deterioration are common when wine labels are submerged in their icy bath.

Thanks to strong partnerships with industry leaders and vendors, Niagara Label has gained extensive experience servicing the growing wine industry by offering new products that outperform old ones. This is wh Niagara Label is proud to offer our new WICKED line of designer label stocks that provide ultimate wet strength adhesion. These superior label stocks are engineered to hold up in the most rigorous enviornments. While keeping their integrity, they will not "grey out" upon saturation, are wrinkle and bubble resistant when applied correctly enabling a much longer bath life than the industry requires.

•A variety of facestocks to choose form
•Superior wet-strength adhesives
•Bubble/wrinkle resistance when applied correctly
•Ultimate ice-bucket performance