Green Niagara


Niagara Label strongly believes that we all share responsibility in conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Respecting the environment and encouraging sustainable practices whenever possible is vital to our planet, and future generations to come. Niagara Label has begun and will continue to improve its sustainability practices beginning with the following sustainably conscious steps.

•Growing number of "green" post-consumer waste label material options available
•Core recycling program
•Save approximately 10,000 gallons of water yearly using a flexoplate washer
•Re-useable packaging materials
•In-house recycling of photopolymer printing plate washout solvent
•Recapture and reuse press heat during winter months
•Installation of energy efficient T5 lights throughout plant
•Niagara Label's waste never goes to a landfill, all of our waste is converted to usable energy
•Use of environmentally friendly water based printing inks
•Utilizing technology to reduce office paper waste
•Digital Production greatly reduces setup paper waste